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Newbie Tips and Basic Knowledge
NEVER BLOW THE REACTOR Why? because that isnt the point in multiplayer and it pisses everyone else off, especially when they are having a good game with good latency.


When you make a game there are 3 settings that should always be used. In the MORE OPTIONS menu when you have started the netgame there is a selection that says BRIGHT PLAYERS SHIPS with a check box next to it. UNCHECK IT it will make the ships easier to see. Yes i know that seems contradictory to uncheck it but that IS the way it works. Also change the PACKETS PER SECOND setting to 5 not the default 10. There is another line that says SHORT PACKETS, CHECK that box. Doing this as well as the previous step will decrease overall lag and loss and make the game more enjoyable for all.

Dont use the trainee difficulty setting. Contrary to newbie belief this does not make it more fair when you are playing better players. Even though the damage done by some weapons may go down(ie guass), the shields you get for each kill go up. You get 30 shields when you make a kill on trainee. You may think this is better for you as a newer player but it isn't. The better guys get 30 also each time they kill YOU. So each time he wrecks you you got 30 more shields to knock off next time, think about it. Plus it will take you much longer to kill him because of the damage factor. So insane is the way to go!
Also dont put smart mines in the places people normally reappear. This is cheap and unfair especially if you unchecked the INVULNERABILITY WHEN REAPPEARING box. This is referred to by veterans as MINING STARTS.


Make sure you are playing in 3 dimensions not 2. This is common among newer pilots. They will fly around like the ceiling is right above them and the floor right below. They never move up or down. You are flying in 3d space, so act like it. Dont stay on the same plane, use vertical movement too. I love getting into a circle strafe with those guys that keep going round and round but never move up or down. If you do this you are very easy to kill, especially for an orber who can turn much tighter than you. While you joust around in the circle move up and down, that is, if your config allows that. Like they say in the book, KEEP MOVING!! I cant stress that enough, unless of course you are playing 1 on 1 then it might be wise to be cautious. A moving target is harder to hit than a still one, common sense. Also use your rear view believe me it helps alot. Make sure your autoselect is set in manner that wont hinder you and screw you over all the time. For example: Dont put the shaker and mega on your autoselect. I learned the hard way after killing myself repeatedly with my own mega shot in a small tunnel, thinking that i only had smarts. And you might want to leave the super laser quads lower than plasma because when you get into those slaughterfests, and there are tons of weps, everytime you pick up a new laser upgrade or quads it will change and you just might be in a tight situation and get killed cuz your wep was changing. Dont ya hate it when that happens?
DONT CHEAT! THIS MEANS HACKING. Believe me the rest of us will boycott you and you will never live it down.