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Demos and Downloads
Here are some demos done in either D1 or D2 which ever is specified. Included are some chording demos, cool kills, ripoffs, and other neat demos. As with the MOVES section, all orbing demos are marked with a * next to them. I recommend watching these demos at normal speed first then disect them in slow motion to see how it's all done.  Remember if you have something worth showing off let me know! All demos are zipped and need to be decompressed into your descent demos folder for viewing.

CUES --Lighting cues and sound cues are always important this one is a classic case of knowing when to let off that smart missile.(d2)

IN A BLINK *--Here's an orbers favorite. Check out my rearview first, see the tailgater?? We don't like tailgaters do we! Pull the 180 let off a green headed turd and watch'em burn!(d2)

THE NOSE WHIP *--This highlights the fact that any homing object homes in on the "nose" of your ship. You can drag a bomblet wherever you want by moving your nose quickly. (d2)

PROMO VIA MERC --You gotta love the accuracy of this merc hit. Woah...look ma I got a promotion!(d2)

I GOT RIPPED --Man look at this in slo-mo. If it wasn't for lag and loss this would have been a nice kill eh?(d2)

OH SNAP!! *--Ouch this one must have hurt pretty bad. Bet he didn't think that smart was coming!(d2)

CHORDING --Here is a pack of 5 great trichording demos done in D1. Thanks to my buddy Ariadne for the demonstration of this mad-skilled technique. (d1)

GREAT TIMING --Man was this timed well. Just another suprise up the sleeves of yours truly :) (d2)

MOTHER BURST -- Only Woodlouse could create such a spectacular plasma effect with his dialup. I must say I have seen some serious bursts in my lifetime but this one takes the cake! Great timing also. This demo actually also shows what a spiral or helix of plasma looks like. Check it out!