The Dogpound

Welcome to The Dogpound!!! A site devoted to the greatest game ever created....Descent!
Here on this site you'll find some basic knowledge of Descent 2 settings, flying techniques, tips, hints and tactics. There's also a section on using a special controller called the Spaceorb 360. This is my controller of choice and I offer help to anyone who uses this device. Please email me if you have any comments, suggestions, demos you'd like posted here, or levels you would like to submit for site usage. You can do this by emailing me with the subject line "descent" after you click on this link: Keep coming back as I am always adding new info and demos. See you in the mines!
About me and Descent   |   Newbie Tips and Basic Knowledge   |   Advanced Piloting   |   Technical Data   |   Weapon Selection   |   Firing Patterns and Shot Placement   |   The Art of DogFighting   |   Moves and Maneauvers   |   Using your Spaceorb 360   |   Demos and Downloads   |   DSF Memorial   |   Comments Forum

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