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The Art of DogFighting
There are 4 basic types of pilots. tunnel-rats, bombers, guasswhores, and dogfighters. Dogfighters are the type who have mastered and take special pride in the actual flying of a pyro. Dogfighting is the "picasso" of descent battle. Some guys feel that it takes no skill to dogfight simply because it seems easy to dodge in a dogfight because of the larger room and lag factors. Well if your playing an elite pilot this will not be the case! in fact it takes more skill to hit someone in a dogfight than in a tunnel or corridor, where they have no place to go. Dogfighting is the "man" way of playing descent. It typically takes place between 2 pilots alone in a larger room. It's like watching 2 flies buzz around each other in mating season. It is graceful and artistic and shows off the complete ability of a descent pilot. All skills come into play here, dodging, shot placement, flight patterns, prediction, reaction time, bombing, timing, speed and quick-thinking ability. Dogfighting is only a true dogfight if discharge weapons are used, i.e.: plasma, lasers, fusion, etc. Machine weapons like guass and vulcan are not true dogfighter's weapons but rather are a "jetfighter's" weapon.


When you dogfight here are some tips and hints to remember. A dogfight can play out in a couple different ways. one is a "joust."  A joust is when 2 pilots engage each other at medium-close range and fly in circle strafes continuously until the one is able to lead farther than the other and get a hit in. Like a dog chasing his tail.  A " spread fight" is usually done at medium-long range and is pretty much a battle of shot placement and dodging. In this instance the 2 pilots keep their distance and try to wear down the other. Then there is the most extreme and skillfull type of dogfighting called "FLY-FIGHTING."  This is the most vicious type of engagement which is characterized by the " FLIES DURING MATING SEASON" effect.  Both pilots continually joust, dodge, fire, roll, strafe, and slide in a plethora of ways. This is also many times a battle of endurance as the latency may make it  hard to lead properly. Who will last longer and who will choke first is the ultimate determiner of the outcome.


INVERSE...REFLECTION.... DODGING. The name comes from the fact that looking through your hud the opponent is like a reflection of you at the opposite end. If he were diagonal to you that would be an inverse reflection.
Your opponent's  shots determine where you fly in a way. Most pilots shoot in the same direction their ship is pointed and simply shoot forward while sliding. NOTICE I SAID MOST, NOT ALL.
Here is an image illustrating the pattern of fire IRD makes compared to Normal. The red lines indicate the direction you face and fire. IRD is a 3 dimensional technique! This picture shows it basically in 2 dimensions. For a better explanation simply check out the IRD demos available for download. I strongly recommend doing so.