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Moves and Maneauvers
Every move has it's own signature name, and every pilot has his or her own signature move. Here are some that I know of and/or use. Certain maneauvers either can only be performed or are best if performed with a spaceorb 360 controller.  Watch these demos in slo-mo and you will see hwo it all works. These are marked with a * next to the name. If you have any not listed here you would like to share email me a demo of it and I'll post it up with due credit of course:). To download the demo simply click on the move name. All demos I have are done in Descent 2 and need to be unzipped into your demos folder. Any other demos have been submitted from other players. If the demo was done in D1 it will be stated at the end of the description otherwise it's D2.

SWING FIRE(GUASS)* --This is useful if the lag is hard to compensate for and when done right can be very effective. Swing your reticle side to side on the same plane(level of flight) your opponent is using. If you do it fast enough you basically hit him no matter where he is. Since guass is an instant hit weapon and there is no delay in ammo travel this is very easy to do. You can block off people from moving anywheres and pin them in a corner also using this technique.

THE CURL* -- Basically a flight maneauver where you engage your opponent like in a chicken fight and then instead of sliding to the side to avoid him or his fire; you "curl upward while still shooting at him. The demo shown is of doing this when your opponent has his back to a wall. You can also do this in an open area by curling, rising over his head while keeping your reticle pinned on him and ultimately ending up behind him in one quick move.

A DOORPLOW -- This is more like a rule of thumb. If you are going to open a door don't just shoot it once, blaze right through it. This demo shows why.

THE SMART TRAP -- This is a great tactic that many guys use over and over. Corner your opponent by shooting a smart missile at a wall adjacent to him then block him from avoiding it by shooting at the other side of him.

  ANTICIPATION FIRING -- Check this out in slo-mo to see why a great pilot has to be able to predict where his victim will move next.

CROSSFIRE -- Just a simple demonstration of how you can block off your opponent by using the crossfire technique. Heck, why not stick a smart missile in there for an added bonus!

THE CURL 2 *-- Another curling demo but in a different situation. Fading backward while performing this move can help also.

THE PIPELINE **-- This one deserves 2 stars as it is my personal signature move and my favorite. This borders the fact that homing objects lock onto the "nose" of your ship. As an orber you can take special advantage of that. A lightning fast spin or roll while passing the smine. Hence the name "pipeline" like rolling up a halfpipe. One quick move sets off the smine, drops the lock and saves your can! Notice how close I am to the smine!

STOP, WATCH, SHOOT -- Here is the stop shooting, watch his moves, then attack technique. Let's see....did she think I was out of energy????? LOL.

INVERSE REFLECTION DODGING -- Ok here is the mac daddy of all techniques. IRD. You have to watch this in slo-mo. This is an example of how IRD works. The opposing pilot does his spiral pattern like many do. Watch carefully how Syphon moves his ship according to where Minx is. If the opponent is top-right you fly bottom-left. Wherever your opponent moves you want to move the exact diagonal or inverse opposite of him. At the same time you are aiming at a diagonal towards his next point of movement. Keep in mind dodging is the mother of this technique. When you dodge in this manner your line of fire falls naturally into the right spot at the right time. **Many thanks to Woody for staying up till 5:30am helping get this demo in. **

THE IRD HELIX -- This is  spinoff of the IRD move. It's essentially the same but you are moving one step ahead of your opponents pattern. Watch carefully as I move in the same exact pattern as Woody but, one step ahead. The result is proof of the "helix theory". If one pilot flies in a a helix or spiral formation and you do the same but moving to each point one step ahead of him; your line of fire matches exactly to his ship movements. Your opponent hits every shot you spew(in theory). Of course there are other factors that prevent it from happening perfectly but it's still very effective. Imagine looking at a spring placed horizontally in front of you. That's what your line of fire looks like in a helix. Want to see what this spiral actually looks like from a 3rd person point of view? Check out the Demos section under Mother Burst. **thanks to woody again for this one, he came up with the name.**