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About me and Descent
For all you current Descenters out there you may or may not know me. So far in my 2-3yr online career I've accumalated close to 50,000 kills across several pilots averaging 65% efficiency. I take pride in piloting my pyro. I have a very unique style of flying which my comrades have dubbed, "Drunk Duck Dogging."    
I guess that's what I look like sometimes. :) I've played on the late HEAT.NET, now on KALI.NET, and KAHN.NET. Back in the days of HEAT I ran a clan called DSF(The Descent Solo Force). A small group of elite pilots solely based on the HEAT server. I've used several nicks and pilot names: SOLOITHZ, SOLODRIV, WHIPLASH, BACKLASH, NEMESIS, NEMMY, AND SYPHON. Currently I am a member of MOC. A clan out of the KALI and KAHN servers.


My name is Jonathan, I'm 23 years old and have been playing Descent since the original demo release about 7 years ago. Ahhhhh those were the days. Playing on lan in school with 20 or more people...Ironman style. What does that mean you say? Picture all these guys putting down the tunnels solely on keys, no joys allowed in school of course. No sound cards either. No one knew how to trichord or even what it was. Some didn't even know how to slide if you can believe that. Just you and 15 other guys and a huge custom level that more than likely had too many megas in it. (Remember gyro and sniper's castle and Total Chaos?) I played on modem too back when they had 14.4 modems and 28.8's were considered the newest and greatest thing. Then along came Descent 2, my personal favorite of the series. I actually downloaded the demo version off the interplay site on my 28.8 modem. Total time= 2 1/2 hrs. I was crossing my fingers noone was going to call the house on that phone line during the download. That was on a pentium 90mhz cpu. The fastest you could get at the time.


Yet here we are in 2001 and we're running 1.2ghz machines with video cards that cost more than the motherboard and cpu combined. And some of us are still loyally playing the game of Descent. Why is this some say? The d2 graphics are chicken scratch compared to other games on the market these days. But one thing about Descent that makes it such a mainstay in our gaming society is this: Uniqueness, fun, intensity, style flexibility. Yes Descent is the only game of its kind. It has made its own genre. It is the only game that allows you to move in all physical directions(360 degrees on every possible vertex)What does that mean? In real life you can move in any direction on any possible axis right? The same with Descent but without gravity which it makes it very interesting and sometimes stomach churning to play. So this allows what I call style flexibility. The ability for almost an unlimited number of playing techniques and maneauvers and strategies. But enough with the history and theory let's get on with the instruction shall we? Click on one of the links at the top to see that page and thanks for visiting The Dogpound!